Funlux 3 Pack Wireless 720p HD Security Alarm System

The Funlux Wireless Security Alarm System 

Funlux 3 Pack Wireless Security System comprises of three lightweight cameras. Each of the cameras have a high definition resolution of 720p and a wide angle visibility of 115 degrees. The camera also has the night vision feature which comes up automatically once the lighting condition goes dim and can capture up to 30 feet. The picture quality of the camera is clear during the day. For a price of $89.95 on Amazon, this wireless camera packs quite a number of impressive features. In this review we will be discussing what the camera can do and how impressive it performed under different conditions.


Setup and Installation Of Your Alarm System 

Setting up the Funlux 3-Pack wireless camera is pretty easy. Installing the camera involves three steps which takes only a couple of minutes then you get it up and running. Once set up, you can stream the feeds live from anywhere on any of a computer, tablet or smartphone. The cameras require being plugged into a power supply even though it is a wireless camera system. Funlux 3 pack camera can only be used indoors and not outdoors.

You will need to download the Meshare app and sign up for a new account in order to be able to use the camera. Simply plug in the camera and run the app and you are good to go. The app can work on Android devices running on version 4.0 upwards and Apple devices running on iOS 7.0 up. The camera comes with a bracket which can serve as either a stand or be mounted on a wall.

Features and Functionality

The small size of the Funlux Wireless Security camera system makes it easy to place them discreetly within your home.

Motion and Sound detection

Funlux Wireless Camera comes with motion and sound sensors that sends five screenshots to you once it detects movement or sound. The alerts are instant so you are easily notified of whatever is happening in your home or office.

Two-way Audio 

The camera comes with an inbuilt speaker and microphone with which you can communicate with anyone within the view and range of the camera. With the app, you can also store images and videos on the cloud.

Warranty and Post-sales services


Should it happen that you run into some problems with the camera, Funlux offers great customer service and after-sales support. You can easily reach customer support through email and within the app there is a live chat feature. There is a two-year warranty on every Funlux wireless camera as well as a 60-day return policy on which you can also get a refund.



  • Night vision and customizable motion detection.
  • Stream live video remotely.
  • Wide-angle view and two-way audio.


Funlux 3 Pack Wireless Security System is a highly secure security system; with a bank-level AES 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security, all recorded files are stored on servers in the United States of America. With power cords measuring six feet, the camera can be easily installed anywhere with a power outlet close by and integrating with the Funlux app is quite easy.

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