Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm Monitoring Services For Another Set of Eyes

Alarm monitoring services are quick and detailed communication services provided by companies (Central Monitoring Station) to monitor fire, burglar, and residential alarm systems. It involves the use of special telephone and mobile lines, computers, radio channels, software and trained staff by a Central Monitoring Station to monitor a client’s home security systems and call the appropriate authorities if the system triggers an alarm. The companies who provide these services do so at a fee, which varies among companies depending on the quality of services rendered and the experiences of their staff.

The rising rate of home invasions in recent times has necessitated a growing awareness of the need for home security monitoring systems among homeowners. As such, homeowners have resorted to having security systems in place to keep off intruders. Having a home security system in your home is a good idea, as it helps to deter potential break-ins and keep you and your family safe in case of emergencies. In a world where accidents and disasters happen without prior warning, it is essential to have in place a system that alerts you to potential danger. Alarm monitoring systems are offered in different forms such as:

  • Internet home security system: internet home security systems are a camera system that allow a homeowner to monitor their home from any internet-enabled computer. Homeowners who use this type of monitoring system can watch what is going on in their homes even while they are away.
  • Central station alarm monitoring system: central station alarm monitoring system is provided by an alarm company who watch over your home 24/7. Once they receive an alarm from your home, the alarm company notify a homeowner’s policy department for prompt action. This system is excellent for individuals who spend a lot of time outside of their home or travel very often. Burglars always target vacant homes, so having a company to watch over your house is something you should not pass up.
  • Local alarm monitoring system: this type of alarm monitoring service helps to protect your home against burglary and smoke. When activated, the system sets off a bell, siren or a strobe light outside your house. This kind of system does not notify the authorities directly. Instead, it prompts your neighbors or passersby who hear the alarm to call the police. This way, if a fire occurs at night in your home, local alarms will help keep you and your family safe.

Beyond the boundaries of your home, alarm monitoring systems are also important for business or company. Monitor alarm systems help to prevent fire, burglary, and intrusion that might cause damage to your company. Alarms companies usually help ensure prompt dispatch of emergency forces, technical specialists, police, fire brigades to help provide immediate response to a threatening situation in your organization. Most alarms companies go as far as utilizing audio and video verification alarms, video monitoring, video guard tours or remote access management to respond quickly to your security needs. This is important for the confidence of your employees, as it helps ensure that they operate in an environment where their safety is guaranteed. The result is a boost in their morale which helps to keep them motivated for the job you require of them. And, seeing as most alarms companies cater to both residential and commercial security needs, you can find a reliable company to monitor your assets at a much lower cost.

Why Security Alarm Monitoring is Important

You will find alarm monitoring services to be highly beneficial whether you are a home- or business owner. Here are some of the reasons why security alarm monitoring is important to you.

  • The police get called immediately if there’s an intruder. As alarm monitoring services run 24/7, 365, the alarms company automatically alerts your local police if they ever receive alerts from the system about there being an intruder in your home or business place. This makes contacting the cops fast, easy and convenient, as you do not have to do anything yourself to have them come to your rescue. Also, you can decide to call the police to explain the severity of the situation yourself for a prompter response upon hearing the alarm bells.
  • Prompt fire service response. As described above, a home security system also watches your home or business for fire breakouts. If there’s a smoke, the smoke detectors go off to alert the fire service department so that emergency services can be on their way to your home or business as soon as possible. However, if the smoke detectors go off by accident, they won’t contact your local fire service department automatically. As such, it gives you a small window of time to confirm the fire was an accident. Similarly, a signal from a medical alert pendant will be automatically routed to ambulance or paramedic services.
  • A security team is asked to watch your home or business 24/7. Some security companies assign a team of security experts to monitor your house for a potential issue and contact you to confirm if you are doing alright. This is one of the comfort aspects of the security systems. For instance, once the alarm goes off and is quickly turned back on, you will immediately receive a phone call from the company security to check if you are alright.
  • Similarly, unmonitored local alarm systems are beneficial, especially if you are at home. The alarms let you know there is a problem and allows you to take necessary action to bring the situation under control.
  • Monitoring systems can help alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide in your home or company. Carbon monoxide issues are hard for any individual to deal with because carbon monoxide is a gas that has no smell or color. The symptoms of carbon monoxide are toned down and can progress very quickly. As such, you cannot tell if there are dangerously high levels of it in your home or business until it is too late to control the situation. Alarm monitoring systems alert you soon after carbon monoxide levels go higher than is recommended.