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There is a basic principle for every home security system to secure all entry points such as Windows, doors, other spaces inside the house containing valuables like computers, coin collections, arts and many others. However, the major adifference lies in the number of security components that is channeled into the entire house and monitored by the control panel irrespective of the number of entry points that a house owner decides to protect.


Definition of a Security System


The definition of a security system is basically found in its name which literally means the way of securing something using a system if both interworking components and devices.

The focus of this article is however on home security systems which are defined as the networks of integrated devices that are working interwoven with the house control panel in order to protect the home against potential home intruders or burglars whose major aims are to put the house in disarray, cause damages and many more.

There are some certain features which are commonly found in a home security system such as:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Control panel that is the major controller of the security system in the house
  • Wireless or wired security cameras
  • Both interior and exterior motion sensors
  • Window stickers and yard sign
  • High-decibel alarm or siren.


The security system of homes in America often operates using a simple concept which is to make sure that every entry points into a house are connected with a sensor that is able to communicate with the main control panel or a command center that is already installed in a very convenient location in the house.  Motion sensors can be used to secure all other open spaces in the house while the sensors of the security system are placed at every door through which one can go in and out of the house or any window that can be easily accessed.

The essential features found in most of the security systems in American homes are further explained in the following paragraphs.

Control Panel

This is a main computer that is capable of arming and disarming the security systems and also communicates with all other components installed, it sounds the alarm when the security zone is breached and also communicates with the company monitoring alarm. These control panels have a touch pad which is meant for easy interaction and programming as well as pass code entering for arming and disarming the system. It can also work on voice commands and can be programmed to work with fobs which are wireless remote controls.


Door and Window Sensors

These sensors are made up of two parts which are installed adjacent to each other such that one part is installed on the door or the window while the other part is installed on the door frame or the window sill. Thus, when the window or the door is closed, the two parts of the sensors join together therefore creating a security circuit. As soon as either of the monitored door or window is opened, the security circuits get broken too and the control panel immediately translates it to be a breach thus, a high-decibel alarm or siren is sounded which automatically notifies the alarm monitoring system. The house owner can disarm the alarm before it goes off if they are the one opening any of the secured entry points to avoid raising false alarm.


Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are often used to protect open spaces where valuable items are kept. This is because as soon as these security components are armed, they create an invisible zone which cannot be breached without sounding an alarm.


Security Cameras

Security cameras are available on both wired and wireless configurations and they can be used in several ways as an addition to the overall security system. Security cameras can be used to monitor:

  • Areas that are hard to see in the house
  • Entry points like garage doors and font doors
  • Buildings like workshops and barns


High-decibel alarm or siren

These devices are often loud enough to alert neighbors as well as residents of the house. They help to notify house owners of the burglar, alerts the neighbors as well as wend the burglars away before they are able to carry out any operations.


Window stickers and yard sign

Window stickers and yard signs play important roles in American Home security systems even though they often look too simple to protect anything. Once they are placed in noticeable areas, you are simply telling burglars that your house is protected.

What Happens During Intrusion

Most of the home security systems available in America are often designed to perform tasks as soon as a secured zone is breached but what each security system does during an intrusion depends solely on the type of security system is being used. It’s either you are using a professionally monitored security or non-monitored security systems.


When a home security system is being professionally monitored by an alarm company the alarm company is immediately alerted when there is a security problem in the house. However, if the control panel is setup for a 2-way voice communication, an expert from the alarm company will communicate with the house owner or call the emergency contact number to confirm or know the status of the breach. Such that if the is an actual emergency, the company will immediately notify every appropriate emergency response personnel that is in the area such as firefighters, police and paramedics while also making sure that they maintain a constant and uninterrupted communication with you till the emergency response team arrives.

Lastly, monitored security systems also enables the house owners to be notified by means of text and email every time a security breach takes place. Similarly, there are several potential security systems which are Do It Yourself and doesn’t require any monitoring. Hence, when using a non-monitored security system and a breach occurs, the already installed siren or high-decibel sounds but in this case it is the duty of the house owner to contact the relevant emergency authorities to report such breach. There is a high chance that this type of security system does not alert the house owner by means of text message or email during a breach.

Advantages of American Home Security Systems

  1. It reduces the chances of burglars entering your home.
  2. Yard sign and window stickers helps to send a message to burglars that your home is professionally protected and it is immediately crossed off their lists.
  3. It enables you to remotely manage your house such that you are able to disarm or arm the alarm from anywhere you are through a Web-enabled device.
  4. It also allows you to be qualified to receive the discount that’s is often offered by insurance companies to homes with a suitable and reliable security system.

Conclusively, the importance of a security system in American homes cannot be overemphasized and it has been reported to have helped in reducing the rate of burglary situations in many homes in America.