Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm System Information to Protect You and your Family

It is always reassuring to know that your home will be kept safe, smart, and efficient. Burglar alarm systems are a reliable security resource that helps to protect your home from burglars. Fitting a well-maintained and secure burglar alarm system will make you less likely to become a victim of burglary. Once armed, a burglar alarm system can monitor each zone where it has been installed for violation. The systems work round the clock, regardless of whether or not you lose power. In the event of a power loss, burglar alarms usually make use of a backup battery to activate and maintain a watch on your house or company. Also, if the battery they are being powered by goes low, some burglar alarm systems can send a signal to the monitoring center so that you can be notified.

Types of Burglar Alarms

Thanks to technological advancement, burglar alarms have evolved, providing homeowners with user-friendly options that allow them to tailor their security to their lifestyles while maintaining the high level of safety they would expect. As such, the best burglar alarm type for any home depends on individual preferences, budget, neighborhood, the kind of home they live in, and the level of protection they need. Also, homeowners will even have to choose between a traditional wired burglar alarm system and a wireless one. Typically, a wireless alarm is the preferred choice for most homeowners because it is easier to install than a wired one.

Wireless alarms use battery-powered sensors to communicate with a control panel via radio signals. With wireless burglar alarm systems, you will need batteries for all system components including control panels and sensors. Similarly, you can equip additional sensors or remove them if you move house, making them more convenient than their wired counterparts. Contrarily, wired burglar alarm systems use wires that run to all of the sensors in your home to ensure security. With all that being said, the types of burglar alarms available to you include:

  • Bells-only burglar alarms. Sometimes referred to as an audible alarm, a bells-only burglar alarm is a type of alarm that when activated, makes a loud noise to alert you or someone in the neighborhood to the situation at your house or scare off a burglar. This type of burglar alarm will not automatically contact the police or a named person. As such, it is expected that when the alarm chimes, it would prompt you to do something about the situation, such as call the police or your neighbors for help. You have to consider the kind of area you live before opting for this type of alarm. Is there an active neighborhood watch? How confident are you that someone will call the police or even care enough to check what’s going on at your house when they hear the alarms? These are some of the things you must consider before deciding on whether or not you should get this type of alarm.
  • Dialer burglar alarms. Dialer burglar alarms, sometimes called auto dialer, is a type of burglar alarm system that contacts a homeowner or their nominated friends and family when there is an intrusion. Under such circumstances, the homeowner or their friends can contact the authorities or a neighbor to find out what is going on at the house. Dialer burglar alarms allow a user to program between three and ten numbers to be called whenever the alarm goes off. The numbers provided are given in order of priority. The system will not contact the rest of the numbers provided it successfully reaches the first person whose name is provided. In addition to drawing attention to the presence of an intruder, some dialer burglar alarms are equipped to alert a homeowner if there is fire or flood in their home. Also, others come with a panic button which a user can press in to inform the police.
  • There are two types of dialer burglar alarms. They include speech dialers and GSM dialers. Speech dialers use a homeowner’s phone number to call the numbers they have assigned. However, they require the user to have a landline and wires that run from it to the alarm. On the other hand, GSM dialers do not need a user to have a landline nor run any cables. GSM dialers use mobile network signals to contact a homeowner’s nominated friends through a dedicated sim card.
  • Smart home security systems. This type of burglar alarm system connects to a homeowner’s smartphone or tablet or those of their family members to alert them when the alarm is triggered. Smart home security allows a user to control their home security from their phone, even when they are away from home. This burglar alarm type makes ensuring protection comfortable and convenient for the user, as they can be monitored and controlled from a mobile device. They are easy to set up and use. Also, smart home security systems are very reliable when it comes to deterring intruders. However, they need a stable internet connection to work efficiently. So, you need to have this in mind when choosing the mobile network to power them with.
  • Monitoring contract. A burglar alarm with a monitoring contract is a well-engineered system where a homeowner can have their alarm monitored by a nominated keyholder or the police. Therefore, when the alarm triggers, the system automatically alerts the keyholder or the police. Consequently, there are two types of monitoring contracts: a keyholder monitoring contract, and a police monitoring contract. In the case of a police monitoring contract, a homeowner agrees with the local police to monitor the security in their home. Thus, the system alerts the police whenever the alarm goes off. With keyholder monitoring, the alarm system is linked to a receiving center, which is notified when there is a breach at a user’s home. The company handling the keyholder monitoring contract either responds itself when an alarm is triggered or inform the police for prompt action. Such companies routinely offer maintenance services and remotely check for problems.