Top 5 Alarm Security System(s) for 2017

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BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit

The BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit is a multi-purpose and cost effective home alarm system kit. This alarm system kit offers no installation fee, no contracts, and no monthly fees. The easy operation and easy install make it perfect for homes or businesses. It’s professional quality at the DIY price. The contact and motion sensors detect forceful and potential break-ins day or night ensuring safety at all times.


What’s in the box?

The BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit includes one PIR Base Unit, one PIR Motion Sensor, five Door/Window Sensors, two Remote Controls, one AC Adapter, one user manual, tape, screws, and batteries.


The alarm system kit also has a buyer guarantee. BIBENE guarantees that their team will respond to user issues within 24 hours. Buyers will receive full refund if issues are not solved and you may keep the product. Buyers will receive partial refund if tech team/customer service solves the problem.


Product Description

BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit is a multi-purpose, premier security alarm kit. The sensors detect any forceful entry, which will activate the alarm in hopes of scaring potential intruders.


The PIR main panel is a 2-in-1 combo. The PIR main panel is a main panel and a detector sensor/motion sensor. The PIR main panel is used to operate the alarm system. It is one button operated and used to arm, disarm, adjust the volume, and change the ringtone. The PIR main panel detector covers 8 meters and has a view of 110 degrees, while working day and night. The alarm that rings when activated sounds from 0-120dB. The PIR main panel also has a SOS emergency button for home, business, office, child, or disabled person safety.


Each motion, window/door sensor and remote are connected to the main panel and number labeled for quick installation. Telling the difference between each sensor, removes the stress while installing each sensor. Sensors can be quickly mounted with double-sided tape or screwed in for extra support. Door/window sensors are 7.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm.


Through the easy functioning app, the user can control the security alarm system from any place using an ISO/Android phone or tablet. The user will receive warning notifications from the location of the break-in or motion sensor once set off. When the user receives a warning text they receive which sensor number was triggered, the date, and the time. This handy dandy feature allows quick tracking of the property and quick maneuvering for decisions. Through the app the user can control the main panel volume, arm, disarm, arm delay, set an alarm time, preset an arming timeframe, rename the sensor, change the alarm tone, and send SOS warning to friends, family, or neighbors. The user may even check the alarm log.

The alarms can be armed and disarmed with the remote when in range. The remote can even send a SOS emergency text or change the music volume. All sensors are battery operated and last about six months. The system includes a camera function, but it is sold separately.


Tips For Success

The BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit comes with seven sensors and can allow nine sensors total. User should not place motion sensor near heat sources, like heater or direct light. Heat will cause false alarm and motion sensors go off. Motion sensors should be kept off while door sensors are active. The PIR main panel and phone will need to use the same 2.4G WIFI network to receive notifications and to control the system through the app.

Should you buy this home security system?

The BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit is about $70 on Amazon. Anything less than $100 for a DIY security alarm system is a cheaply get what you pay for system. Although they do what they say most of the time, they usually have some low features.


This security alarm system must have wifi. The system uses wifi to install and manage, even through the app. If a user is out and about and the phone is not connected to wifi, the user will not get app notifications. This might be all right while being gone to work all day, but what if you are driving for hours and are a thousand miles away? As a user you want the assurance of knowing your home/business is safe. You could turn your phone personal hotspot on to check the system and for notifications that way if needed. Sometimes the app takes too long to load and link to the system, even while being at home. The security system looks to be cheaply made. The user may even experience buttons breaking after a few months use. The security system and app also includes video camera access, but the camera is sold separately.


The system has a few good qualities about it as well. The alarm is loud. It is so loud that it can be heard from anywhere in the house, if the user has a moderately sized house. Even on volume setting 2, the alarm can be too loud and obnoxious. But the volume could help save your life in case of a break-in. The extra camera feature is neat to be able to have. It’s an available feature that allows the user to decide if they need the extra security on the home or business. The quick install with double-sided tape is super handy when you don’t want to spend the whole day installing the security system. The double-sided tape is also pretty sturdy for holding the alarms in place.


For a simple security system I think the BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit is worth the buy just for peace of mind. I would recommend this security system to a user who could get wifi while they were away or someone who is gone a few hours at a time. The point of a security system is to check on your property while not there. The BIBENE security system has a notification issue, which is pretty important. If the user has previously received break-ins or is out of town majority of the time, I would recommend a more secure and reliable system. The lack of alarm notification is a bit unsettling.

DIGOO Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System

DIGOO Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System is a twenty-four hour seven days a week home protector. With its auto dial and app control function, this security alarm system makes it convenient to guard your home and receive alerts for intruders. The security alarm’s brightly colored screen and touch panel design create a trouble-free performance. The DIGOO Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System can function with up to 99 sensors connected to the system. Your home or business will be a fortress!



Description and Function

DIGOO Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System comes with one Control Panel, two Magnetic Sensors for windows or doors, one Infrared Motion Sensor, and two Keychain Remotes. The dimensions of the box are 8.3 x 5.9 x 2.8 inches and weigh 1.2 pounds. The security alarm system successfully stops intruders, potential intruders, and any suspicious activity. This home protector works around the clock, 24/7 to guard the home.

digoo wireless home security system


Its 2.4 inch TFT color display screen has a touch panel design and is eye-protected. This gives the security alarm system the best reading and touch feeling. The system runs off of 2G Wife. This alarm system can support different alarm channels if needed. The security alarm system offers multiple ways to check notifications and control the system. This includes app notification, SMS or text message, voice activation, and through the Internet center. The security system can be set for the household daily routine. This means that you can set up arming and disarming at a certain time and it will continue to repeat this saved setting daily. So if you leave for work anytime between 7:25 and 7:35 am, the security alarm system can be set to activate the alarm at 7:40AM and you don’t have to remember to set. For precautions, the password lock and RFID card reading can be set and changed to the household’s preference. DIGOO Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System will support extra alarm accessories, such as an external wireless siren or a doorbell button, incase more alarms are needed. Multiple phone numbers can be set up to receive notifications. One group number will be able to set SMS on/off and dial on/off. Alarming or disarming the alarm may be done through the phone app or by the alarm system. 20s voice alarm and remote setting. You may also monitor the home situation by video record through the Hosa phone app if you have purchased the DIGOO camera series.


DIGOO Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System offers six modes, Arm, Stay Arm, Disarm, Trigger, Exit Delay, and Entrance Delay. ‘Alarm’ causes the security system to be in alert mode, the power is on to detect potential threats. ‘Stay Arm’ is also called home alert; use this mode when the user is at home. This mode arms the entrance and exit and/or house around. ‘Disarm’ turns the alert signal off. ‘Trigger’ is when a person activates the alarm and/or a door is opened, but only when in

Arm mode. ‘Exit Delay’ is delaying the detection time of the alarm when leaving the house. This avoids false alarms going off. ‘Entrance Delay’ delays the alarm going off when you return home and allows the user to disarm the alarm without causing false alarms. You may set the appropriate amount of entrance time needed to avoid tripping alarms.


There are four modes to the security alarm system accessories, stay active, 24-hour active, close, and out armed service. ‘Stay Arm Active’ keeps the detector armed or always armed. When in this mode the detector will always trigger the alarm if set off. A timer may be set for any accessory detector under this setting. Under ‘24 Hour Active’, the host alarm will go off if any detector is triggered. Emergency detectors like smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, and leaking water should be set to this mode. Timers cannot be set under this mode. ‘Close’ mode allows the main alarm to not be triggered even if a detector catches something. ‘Out Armed Active’ mode allows nothing inside to be triggered while the outside of the home or business will trigger the alarm. The doorbell alarm allows the host alarm to chime when rang.



Can anyone set or disarm the alarm system? No. User sets the password and people that have the password or RFID card can enter the alarm system.

Does the alarm operation need to be activated everyday? No. The user is able to customize the alarm to their schedule to avoid repeated operation. So if the user is always home on Tuesdays, the alarm can be set to off. Or the alarm may be customized to when the user arrives and departs the house.

What happens to the alarm system if the power or Wifi go off? The alarm system’s battery can last two hours with the power out. Make sure to activate the alarm’s SIM card so you can still get alarm notifications.

Does this security alarm system have a chime function? Only the doorbell function has a chime.

Can the window/door sensors be used outside? No, they are not waterproof.

How long will the alarm sound if no one is home to disarm it? The alarm will ring until someone disarms the alarm. It is a good idea to be able to control the app from a phone or Internet if this problem occurs.


Is this the product for me?

DIGOO Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System is a pretty cool security system. It has many features, modes, and the ability to hook up many different detectors. I like its ability to send text and call alerts when the alarm is triggered and controlling the system from my phone when I am not home. I also find setting that allows for schedule programming useful. This decreases the error of forgetting to set the alarm when entering or exiting. The alarm is loud and hopefully scares off intruders.

The downside is that the alarm requires a SIM card to call or text the user when the alarm is triggered. This will cost you money monthly but you can find a cheap SIM online. Just compare prices and find one that best fits your needs. The design is a little weird, as it hangs on the wall but must be plugged in. This almost makes the unit look cheap but is essential for continued protection. The manual is hard to follow but installation and set up videos can be found online.

Fortress Security Store ™ Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System

Fortress Security Store ™ Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System DIY Kit is a complete home security system. The sensors and main unit are completely programmable. This security system offers an auto-dial function, door/window detection glass breaker sensor, motion sensors capable of deciphering unusual activity, loud alarm siren, and a panic button. The Fortress security system is the ideal security package. With its easy install and set up, your home will be a fortress in no time.

fortress security store alarm system


Kit & Features

The Fortress Security Store ™ Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System DIY Kit is the ideal kit for someone wanting security. The security kit comes in four different packages each with a different amount of security equipment to fit each individuals needs. The S02 Basic Kit, S02-A Security Kit, S02-B Security Kit, and the S02-E Security Kit.


The S02 Basic Kit contains one main control panel with auto-dialer, one door/window contact, one passive motion detector, one alarm, two key fobs, and four alarm-warning stickers. This security kit is powered by AC 110V-240V DC 9V.


The S02-A Security Kit comes with one main control panel with auto-dialer, five door/window contacts, two passive motion detectors, one loud alarm, two key fobs, one panic alarm, and four alarm-warning stickers. This security kit is powered by AC 110V-240V DC 9V and a Ni-Mh internal battery.


The S02-B Security Kit contains one main control panel with auto-dialer, ten door/window contacts, three passive motion detectors, one panic button, one loud alarm, one extra outdoor siren, one panic alarm, three key fobs, and four alarm warning stickers. This security kit is powered by AC 110V-240V DC 9V and a Ni-Mh internal battery.


The S02-E Security Kit contains one main control panel with auto-dialer, ten door/window contacts, three passive motion detectors, one loud alarm, one extra outdoor siren, one glass breakage sensor, three key fobs, and four alarm-warning stickers. This security kit is powered by AC 110V-240V DC 9V and a Ni-Mh internal battery.


A 9-volt adapter goes to the main control panel. The control panel alarm is 110dB with about a 30-inch length wire. Each kit’s main control panel can call out using a landline. When the main control panel is breeched, it will call a number that you designate for emergencies. The control panel may paly a recorded message or sound. The user may even call the security system control panel and listen to what’s going on in your house if a break-in occurs. To deactivate alarm, type in number code and press panic button if intruder is in the home. Auto-dialer function will dial up to six programed phone numbers if a break-in occurred. The control panel will come pre programmed. The user is encouraged to reset the control panel to his or her needs. The control panel can be operated as a silent alarm, just control the volume. This security alarm also has a chime feature available.

The security-warning stickers are for house door/windows and cars. The extra outdoor siren includes a 5 foot 110 volt wall adapter. Glass breakage sensor includes a 5 foot 110 volt wall adapter. The key fobs activate and disarm the security alarm. The loud, outdoor alarm should alert neighbors and scare away potential intruders. The passive motion sensors pick up movement of unusual activities. The setup of the Fortress Security Alarm System is relatively simple. Hang the equipment up with double-sided tape or for a more solid hold, use screws.


This security system uses a land line only, no cell phone option. The control panel hardwires into a phone jack to make the phone calls. The user would need to update to the newer model with GSM capabilities to use the security system with a cell phone.


Will This Security System Work for You?

The Fortress Security Store ™ Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System DIY Kit looks intense with four security level packages to choose from. The security packages and prices range from low to high when fortifying the home. I think the different packages are a great idea. You can compare and decide which security package is right for your home.  The control panel is already programed to the sensors when the kit arrives. The kit is also customizable to fit the needs of the user.

Nobody will get past the motion sensors you probably wouldn’t need anything else besides those. But it’s good idea to install all the other sensors as well. The alarm is super loud and can be heard from most room sin the house. If you get the S02-E Security Kit it comes with an outdoor siren. This is sure to scare potential intruders as well as alerting neighbors. The key fobs are neat; you don’t eve have to get up to do anything. Just sit down with your feet propped up and control the control panel with the touch of a button.


This security system is not useable with cell phones, so that makes it a little harder to check up on the property. It is landline wired so you must have it, which is not as common for youngsters. I would think twice about this system just for that reason, I don’t own a landline. I think this Fortress security alarm would be better for older generation people because they like to keep landlines around.  Sometimes the alarm siren just goes off. Maybe the system isn’t set up correctly or maybe it has issues. Sometimes it’s more effective to watch online videos of instructions than reading the actual instruction manual. The batteries in the window/door sensors only last a few months, not a year. It’s a pain to change them out so often.

Weighing the good and bad of this product will determine if it is right for you.

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit Review

ge personal alarm door security

Protection is important, especially when it comes to the home. Knowing your home is safe relieves worry and gives peace of mind. The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit has everything needed to secure the home. This security solution provides more bang for your buck with its loud alarm, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.  The wireless security alarm makes for a simple and quick at home installation. The simple concept makes the alarm kit intuitive, no matter how your technological skills may be. An intruder would think twice before entering through your doors and windows.


What does the GE Personal Security Alarm Kit contain?

The GE Personal Security Kit includes one Deluxe Door Alarm with keypad activation, three independent Window or Door Alarms for extra security, four LR44 batteries, and all mounting hardware (double sided tape and screws) for each individual alarm.


Description and Features

The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit is extremely easy to use. The alarms feature a contemporary design with easy access buttons and controls for simple use. The GE Personal Security alarm Kit measures 10 x 6 x 2 inches and weighs 4 ounces. Each alarm in the kit requires four LR44 batteries, since the alarm kit is wireless. The GE Personal Security Kit is extremely easy to install. Mount the deluxe alarm to the main door and any window/door alarms to any door or window with the provided double-sided tape or screws. The alarms mount easily with included mounting plates. Attach the mounting plate to its desired location and place the alarm on mounting plate. Pop in the batteries and the alarms will be ready for action. Each alarm is separate from each other. If someone broke into a window with an alarm, only that alarm will siren.


The deluxe door alarm has a four-digit keypad. Programing a custom security code with the keypad on the deluxe alarm allows for arming and disarming the alarm.

The deluxe door alarm has three adjustable noise settings: ‘off’, ‘chime’, and ‘alarm’.

The deluxe door alarm offers a ‘Home’ and an ‘Away’ mode. Opening a door or window while in ‘Away’ mode with the ‘alarm’ setting on will sound the alarm. When the alarm is activated, a 120-decibel alarm will sound, helping to scare away intruders. The alarm is also loud enough to alert the homeowners of a break-in if they are not near the alarm. ‘Away’ mode offers a 45 second exit delay and a 30 second entry delay. When the alarm is in ‘home’ mode and the ‘alarm’ setting is activated an instant alarm sounds. When the alarm is in ‘home’ mode with the ‘chime’ setting on, a chime will ring out from the door or window opened. ‘Chime’ setting can keep people aware of people entering or exiting the house.


The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit includes three window or door alarms. Each window/door alarm has a 120-decibel alarm that sounds to alert you or your neighbors of a break-in. The window/door alarms have three adjustable noise settings, ‘off’, ‘chime’, and ‘alarm’, just like the deluxe door alarm. Alarm mode will sound off and alert of an intruder, while chime mode makes a short loud alert each time a door or window is opened. Chime mode is a great safety feature if you have small children; the parental unit can be alerted if the child makes their way outside. The window/door alarms have a battery-test switch that allows the operator to check the like of the battery.


Pros and Cons

The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit uses four LR44 batteries instead of having to install a wired system. The battery operated alarms along with double sided tape for hanging make for a quick and simple install, especially if you are not technologically advanced. The homeowner also has the option of installing the alarms by screwing them into walls and doors or hanging them by double-sided tape. The alarm siren is very loud. The shrieking beeps should scare away potential intruders. The window/door alarms should be heard from most point in the house. If you need more alarms to cover all windows and doors in the house, extra alarms can be bought. The Deluxe Alarm is easily abled or disabled for alarm setting. The window/door alarms are small enough that they can be hidden out of sight from potential intruders. The ‘home’ setting while in ‘chime’ mode is a nice feature. It alerts when family, friends, or children enter and exit the home. It allows the homeowner to keep tabs on small children or alerts when you are not near the door. The multiple settings and modes are ideal for adjusting to the household’s daily schedule.


The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit also has a few questionable features about it. It is run by battery power. Although the batteries are supposed to last for a year, batteries are not cheap. You will have to keep replacing the batteries for continued security protection. If an intruder breaks into the home while the alarm is going off, they can potentially rip the alarm off the wall, if it is suspended by double-sided tape, and smash it to silence the loud, alerting ring. The alarm could be too loud for people with very good hearing or sensitive ears. There is no volume control to change how loud the alarm or chime rings. Each alarm rings individually. So if someone breaks into an upstairs window, the downstairs alarms will not ring to alert the rest of the household. The Deluxe Alarm will keep ringing until it is manually disarmed. The window/door alarms will disarm when the window or door is closed again.


Is this product right for me?

For the price, I recommend the GE Personal Security Alarm Kit. The alarm kit is very inexpensive and it gets the job done. The alarm kit could definitely use improvements to fix minor bug issues, but for the price of less than $20, they work just as intended. The alarms sound when doors and windows are opened and they make a nice loud alert to scare off intruders. The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit is a cheap but dependable security alarm that is perfect for homes, apartments, dorm rooms and offices.

Wireless Home Security Alarm System by Forrinx Review

forrinx wireless home security alert system


The Wireless Home Security Alarm System is a WIFI-enabled security alarm system. This alarm system comes with all the bells and whistles to control and monitor the home security at anytime and anywhere. The do it yourself installation, tool-free assembly, and affordable price equals more cha-ching in your pocket and less hassle for you. Alexa voice control (Alexa sold separately), smartphone app control, and the ability to check on your home at any given point make this security alarm system hard to pass up!


What’s in the box?

The Wireless Home Security Alarm System comes with one Smart WIFI hub, two PIR Motion Sensors, five Wireless Door/Window Contact Sensors, one Remote Control, one Waterproof Doorbell Button, one User Manual, Adhesive Sticker and Bracket. Batteries for all PIR Motion Sensors, Wireless Door/Window Sensors, Remote Control, and the Waterproof Doorbell are included.  The Security Alarm System includes CR2450, CR1632, CR2032, and 23A.


Description and Features

The Wireless Home Security Alarm System product dimension is 0.8 x 2 x 3.8 inches and weighs twelve ounces. Remove the alarm system and its parts from the box. Once the Smart WIFI Hub is plugged into an outlet and all sensors are in place, the Hub can be connected to the households’ phones. The alarm system can be accessed and controlled through phone app and remote. The Smart Hub will send notifications to the connected phones when a sensor detects a forceful entry. To connect Sensors to the Smart Hub you must power up and set up each sensor. Afterwards you go to your An Home App, press on the alarm and then press on the right corner icon. A menu displays, see the add device button and once you do it, open the window or door of the sensor, then the operation will be completed.


The Smart WIFI Hub is the communicator of the Wireless Home Security Alarm System. The Smart WIFI Hub communicates with all sensors and decides how and when to send you alert notifications. The hub is also the source of the alarm siren. The alarm volume reaches 80dB. The hub operates at a voltage of 100-240V AC 50/60Hz and a Wi-Fi standard of 2.4GHz. The Smart Hub must be connected to WIFI in order for the alarm system to work and send notifications.


The five Wireless Window/Door Contact Sensors easily monitor the opening of doors and windows. When the transmitter and magnet are separated, an alarm will be triggered through the Smart Hub. Once installed, there will be a less than 1CM gap between the transmitter and magnet. The Wireless Window/Door Contact Sensors operate at a voltage of 3V DC (1*CR1632 battery). The transmitting frequency is 433.93MHZ.


The two PIR Motion Sensors detect any suspicious movement or activities. Once suspicious activity is triggered, the Smart Hub will sound the alarm. The Motion Sensors will detect suspicious activity within 6 meters of the sensor. They should be mounted between 1.8 to 2.7 meters high. The Motion Sensor transmitting distance is less than or equal to 80 meters.


The Remote Control provides four independent buttons that control the Smart Hub. The keys on the remote are Arm, Disarm, SOS, and Home. By using the Remote Control, you can Arm the alarm system and puts the system on “watch mode”, as in prepares the alarm to sound off when suspicious activity occurs. Disarm mode turns off the alarm from Arm mode and turns off the alarm if it triggered. Home button is the setting to use while being home so you do not trip the alarm. SOS is a distress button.


The Waterproof Doorbell allows you to know you have a visitor, even if you are away from home. The Doorbell button is an extension sensor. The Waterproof Doorbell wirelessly transmits at a distance less than or equal to 150 meters. Its transmitting frequency is 433.92MHZ.


Is This The Best Security System For You?

The Wireless Home Security Alarm System by Forrinx has its ups and downs. Android or ISO phones can control the Security System. Multiple phones connected to the Smart Hub at once. If your phone is not connected to WIFI, you are still able to get notifications and control the system, but the alerts will use data. Installation and set up is easy for the Wireless Home Security Alarm System. This eliminates the cost of paying someone to have a security system set up for you and eliminates doubt of the installer getting things set up incorrectly. Since this alarm system is a DIY install, this also eliminates installation and monthly fees. Nobody needs a hassle to worry about.


The Wireless Home Security Alarm System also has its drawbacks. The 80dB volume limit may be hard to hear on occasions, especially if the Smart Hub is far away in another room. Think carefully about the Smart Hub placement. (For maximum benefit, the alarm works best when the siren can be heard in case of a break in.) The alarm system may have a few transmitting problems. Sometimes you could experience immediate notifications and sometimes you may get notifications five to ten minutes late. Definitely not what you want when you are away from your home! Although taking your chances with trusting it goes with a grain of salt, it seems to work and be late at a 50-50 percent. You could also experience a delay after disarming the alarm. The Smart Hub will keep sending notifications, primarily annoying or potentially freaking out the family. 


The Wireless Home Security Alarm System is a good way to protect the home on a budget. The security system is a nice, simple system that protects the home. It gives peace of mind for those wanting that extra assurance. Although the system has kinks, it does what its made to do, detect a threat or intruder and alert the people of the house. It can be found on Amazon for less than $130! For the price and the ability to get notified and control the system from a phone, it’s a steal. Check it out for yourself!