Window Alarms

Window Alarms For Entry Detection

Window alarms are a security system that uses a sensor alarm to detect when the window to your home or business is opened or broken. Window alarms are the backbone of any home security system. Most window alarms are equipped with a set number of sensors that get placed on every window to alert you when your window gets breached. Once they sense that your window is opened or broken, the system sounds an alarm to alert you to the presence of intruders in your home. Window alarm systems are easy to install and can be used on any windows.

Some window alarm systems feature infrared motion detectors to help monitor the area around your window. Once they detect motion, the activate the alarm even before the window is opened or broken. Similarly, some systems allow a homeowner to remotely monitor their windows and alerts when motion is detected when they leave a window open at night. When adequately equipped, window alarms not only monitor your home by sending an automatic call for help to your local police or alarm company.

Variations of Window Alarm Sensors and How They Work

Window alarm sensors are powered using a battery where they can work wirelessly, or they are wired directly into your home alarm system. Alarm systems that run on batteries need frequent checking to ensure that they do not run low. As a result, you would do well to check them every once in a while to prevent them from running down entirely.

Typically, door and window sensors are offered in two pieces. One is fitted with the window or door, while the other is attached to the frame. An adhesive is used to keep the sensors in place, although they can also be screwed directly into the frame. Companies position the two sensors next to each other because they consistently interact. As a result, when the two pieces are set apart, such as when the window or door is opened, they send a signal to the alarm, triggering the alarm to sound the alarm bells.

The link between the two sensors is established in one of many ways. Some sensors usually depend on magnets to create a connection. Consequently, when the two parts of the sensors are disconnected, the magnetic field becomes separated, causing the alarm to go off. Some sensors, on the other hand, depend on a light beam, where one sensor generates the light while the other receives it. Assuming the light field is breached or turned off while the system still functions, it activates the alarm.

How to maintain Window Alarm Sensors

While the window alarm panels usually alert a homeowner when the sensors are not functioning correctly, it is essential to conduct routine checks on a weekly basis to identify and solve problems before critical. For instance, the adhesives that hold the sensors in place often lose strength over time. It gets worse if your home has a high humidity. Expectedly, you would experience multiple false alarm activations when a sensor starts slipping off a window or door. So, it is essential that you physically inspect the sensors to see if there are any signs of wear. Also, bear in mind that a sensor’s function can be impeded if someone hits it accidentally. As such, it is important to be careful when you are moving furniture or doing some substantial activity around the door or window.

Furthermore, you should conduct regular checks on your alarm panel to check for warnings or error messages that are indicative of a sensor problem. Ensure to notify your alarm company when this happens, so they can be in the know and help rectify the problem. In extreme cases of damage, seek sensor replacement rather than a repair, as replacing sensors is always a cheaper and safer option.

Advantages of Owning a Window Alarms

A safe and secure home helps make for a happy home. You and your family deserve to live happy and free in your home without having to look over your shoulders for fear of intruders. Window alarms help to give your family an added layer of security against the dangers lurking in the outside world. Here are some of the advantages of installing window alarms in your home.

  • Window alarms give you and your family warning of an attempted break-in beforehand. Window alarms make your family’s safety a priority by alerting you to the presence of an intruder during an attempted break-in. The loud noise that is triggered throughout your home if a burglar breaks or open the window allows you to take preventive measures before a burglar enters your home. With such prior notice, you can call the police, bring your family to safety, or keep the intruders away from getting into your home. Also, alarms from window alarm systems can alert your neighbors to the presence of an intruder in the neighborhood, making it possible for them to come to your rescue quickly.
  • Window alarms scare burglars rapidly away. Most robbers will flee your home in their first attempt to burgle in upon hearing the signal bells ring. Window alarms help you to keep robber away from your home without lifting a finger.
  • Window alarms alert you if a child attempts to open a window from the inside. Trying to prevent your child from sneaking out of their bedrooms’ windows to meet friends at night be a tough call sometimes. To help with this, window alarms enable you to monitor your child or teenager and prevent them from sneaking out of the house unnoticed. They are an excellent way to not only protect your family from sprawling dangers but to also prevent your loving child from going out when it is not safe to do so.
  • Window alarms help ensure peace of mind. When you and your family know that you have done everything necessary to keep your home safe, you will have the peace that comes from knowing that no harm could happen to you or your family without your knowledge.